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Tips and tricks for finals

I know we are approaching one of the most dreaded parts of the year…finals season. Some start bursting into uncontrollable tears or rocking themselves in a corner at the mere mention of finals, but I want to change your perspective and give you some tools to get through it.  Changing Your Perspective: In the short … Continue reading Tips and tricks for finals

College and Conformity

One of the strongest social forces is conformity, and it is rampant in everyday college life. One of my favorite tests showcasing the power of conformity is the Asch Experiment. I believe that the Asch Experiment highlights the force of social pressures and the human fear of alienation. There are many instances in my life … Continue reading College and Conformity

Kid Event Review!

On Sunday, Feb. 27, UGA HEROs hosted their first kid event of the semester. Our kids and UGA HEROs members logged on to Zoom to get to know each other and learn more about science through experiments. The event started off with a Kahoot to test everyone on some scientific knowledge, and then a teaching … Continue reading Kid Event Review!